Ink drawings

Because oil paintings take a lot of time time to finish, sometimes I want to do something with a relatively fast result.These ink drawings still

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Bob’s Bird Barn

For about a century this building in the center of Maitland, was home to the Carrington Hotel, which closed down in the 1980’s. Then came

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A TooHot painting

The PAL design contest got a funny afterbirth 😀
The organisator of the contest asked me to create a painting in commission, as a tribute to this event.

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Clay girl

Sometimes I feel the need to do something different than being in front of my easel.
Inspired on my acrylic painting/illustration ‘Fourteen’ I created this figure.

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Patricia Van Lubeck

Agaricia in bronze

4 October 2007 This bronze/glass/wood sculpture is based on the painting Agaricia Bullio, which was inspired by the surface texture of one of the Caribbean

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Art cars

I tried to make it look unbalanced if you look on the back side of the car, by painting a kind of oblique shape around the license plate, the rear lights and the back window. The wheel openings turned out especially well; they looked like they were cut out in a square form.

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