Exquisite corpse: Morning before the bbq

25 April 2007

An excorps is 1 drawing created by 2 artists, in this case Peter van Oostzanen and me.
Peter first drew half a paper (on the right side) and covered most of it before sending it to me.
Working from the small visible part of his drawing, it was up to me to fill the other half.
After completion, the best part of course is the revelation of the hidden section.

I had never done it before, but I think especially for surrealists it almost never turn out wrong. On the narrow strip that was visible for me I saw an almost complete bird and a tail. The bird looked as if he just was beaten. Or had a hangover.

Exquisite corpse
This was the visible part I got …
Exquisite corpse
… and this was what I added.
Exquisite corpse
This was the hidden section …..
Exquisite corpse
And here the full scene 🙂