Retro skirt + retro top = retro dress (+ update)

retrojurkje, retro skirt + retro to = retro dress
Update december 2011:
After wearing this dress only once, I found it very short for daily use.
Actually I love long jersey skirts, so luckily I got my hands on 1,5 meter from the same aubergine colored fabric.
Once finished the fit was quite nice, but the whole retro effect was gone. Now the whole thing simply became a stupid frock. Cutting up to just above the knee didn’t help too.
It was difficult to find another fabric in a similar color. That printed cotton fabric of that first model skirt was too stiff and didn’t flow nicely.
By chance I ran into a sort of thin flexible voiles and I sewed a couple of layers.
Eventually I became satisfied with the result.
retro skirt + retro to = retro dress retro skirt + retro to = retro dress

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