Orange skirt

That’s a long time ago! I’m still alive and I still love sewing. I still have the same pile of fabrics waiting for me. The only thing that has changed is that the background now is Australia. When I found the fabric for this skirt, I was pretty sure it was the same pattern I …

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Orange dots

This one looks a bit similar to a blouse I made in 2012. That first one died quite quickly because the fabric was thin as voile. This new fabric is very fragile too, but maybe I got more responsible with age 😉 At least I reused the super-clear-transparent buttons I’m still fascinated by.  

Te klein rokje

Toen ik het rokje (in NL) kocht wist ik al dat het te klein was, maar ik vond de stof zo leuk. Dus tòch doen, hè?! Ik zou er later wel wat op verzinnen. In Frank’s kast vond ik een t-shirt in de kleur die er precies in zit. Ik vroeg voor de zekerheid nog wel …

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