The simmering pot

A few days ago I saw a picture on Facebook of a building made out of living trees. The branches were led and trimmed into the shape of a life-sized church. The structure was complete open and the inside of the building was usable as a sheltered area.

Reflections on Elephant Mountain

Artworks that have conquered a place in the front of the market, usually are created by artists who are unmistakable distinguished persons. These artists don’t necessarily have to be extrovert characters, but in some way they are clearly presented in society. They catch the eye by their behavior, their appearance, their statements or their secondary activities.

What is the meaning?

What is the meaning of this painting … is the same uneasy question when asking a writer: “What does your story look like? Show us a sketch”.

What is art?

Once in a while an artist bumps on the same old question; What is art?
During the years I’ve embraced different definitions about the concept of art. Not seldom nasty ones, like

A visit to the Netherlands

Another thing I liked of being back was; Dutchies hardly do courtesy talks. In daily life and in business they can be bluntly honest to each other without affecting their relationship. They are going right to the point. For foreigners they may sound

Gains II

… put them under the Eiffel Tower and 1 week later they are still sitting there; completely furnished and surrounded with countless friends!

Good customer

One of the first serious favorite hairdressers I had in my adult life, was an old, small, ugly and skinny fellow, but he had a great ascendancy over his customers. Exactly what I was searching for.


16 April 2007 The Hong Kong gallery couple cancelled the meeting after arriving at the New Zealand airport. They could not fit me into their schedule. I assume that when they are back in Hong Kong, they will email me again to inform me about the next steps. Before knowing this I had tried to …


My relationship with a painting

29 December 2006 When painting the ice landscape a friend asked me why I was more enthusiastic in making one painting than the other. In other words; why one painting comes to me easier than some other one? Some painters theatrically cry out that their paintings are their children and it’s a burden to sell …


Snitchers 2

25 June 2006 In the newspapers of New Zealand is printed a lists of names and last known addresses of people who didn’t pay their fines. Not intended to show you what kind of bad guys they are, but more as a request for help; If you happen to know how to get in touch …


Toilet secrets

25 March 2006 Waiting at the restrooms of the airport I was thinking: “Which door do people choose when they have to go to a public toilet?” Do you too make a greased lightning calculation of which of the 2, 3 or 4 available toilets statistically would be the cleanest? Do ‘the Other People’ always …


Are we happy?

21 December 2005 Although a lot of things here are exactly the same and almost everything is available (except those pillowcases in European sizes and Dutch wash cloths) of course there are still some things differently. Something I had never seen before is the electric pan. In the newspapers and on TV is strikingly advertised …