My recently created oil paintings are all about ‘individualism’. Most of the people can associate themselves with one of the trees in the paintings. The trees are performing like actors.
Every person is gifted with at least one special thing in life, so you easily can personify yourself with one of the actors. As the brave one, the cheeky one, or the lucky one.
But also if you don’t take the titles too literally, you can see the solo acting tree as a leading one in a group, a showing one in a circle of viewers or a guiding one in front of a public.
In some way, we all are the one. Even if it is for just once.

At this moment I’m working on a series of small paintings (25 x 25 cm) ‘100 Trees’

The bipolar one

Human characteristics translated into landscapes

 Loyality Taiwan The naked one The free one The worried one The hasty one 

Portraits of my imaginary friends

Rene the bartender  Donna daughter of Errol

Recently made pixel paintings for larger spaces.

The girl with the Pearl earring The Beatles

This is a collection of my older landscapes

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