Artastique 2019

Recently we have organised an art event called Artastique.
The idea was: for 10 days in March 2019, businesses will team up with artists to display artworks in shop windows of Maitland’s High Street, for the public to view and enjoy.
The vision for this community initiative is of an event that puts the visual arts on the map for Maitland while promoting local business.
The inspiration for this idea is a similar event held in the Dutch town Bergen. Bergen has 29.000 citizens (Maitland has more than double) and this art event is now organised for the 25th year. In the year 2018 about 260 artists exhibited in 160 locations and this brought about 40.000 visitors to Bergen.
While we aimed for a bit of a low-key start with a very limited budget, just to test the waters, Artastique turned out as a big success with already 46 shops and 42 artists for this first year. The participating shops and artists were all very enthusiastic, so I dare to say: next year we will go for over 50 shop windows!

Artastique’s website