My first love

The first sketchThe car I drove ...This blog is antedated to 1997. I wanted to try if it is possible to step into a digital time machine, to tell you about my fist love.

On my 21st birthday, a few months after I got my driver’s license, I drove my lousy old Fiat onto a busy intersection in Alkmaar and I was waiting for the traffic lights. I hated my job and was glad the weekend has just started.
Staring to nothing specific, my eyes suddenly got caught by a shiny, long, black beauty, cruising by from the right. It looked tremendously vicious and dignified at the same time and I was paralysed. By pure love.
In retrospect I think it was me who invented the phrase OMG in the year of 1997! For one eternal moment I felt every single fiber of my body being alive.

There was nothing else I wanted more than to follow that car, to find out what brand it was. But I was locked in, in the traffic and I wasn’t able to chase the phenomenon close enough to read the characters on the trunk, what was shaped like there was a too large wheel inside.
At home I excitedly told my Dad I had seen God’s car and I described it as far as I could. He attentively listened to my rant and later that night he came to me with The Car Bible. Thumbing through the book I found her. The Lincoln Continental Mark III.
It felt like I discovered a new body part.

4 thoughts on “My first love

  1. What a coincidence!! Yesterday on my way back home I drove in my little village behind a Lincoln!! A blue one!While driving I made a picture with my Phone but I don”t know how te get the picture over here…I’m so oldfashioned!! Sorry!!

  2. I’s ashamed to say but I have to take a picture of my phonescreen…..otherwise it won’t work to show you the pic…..I hope you know the car! It’s a beauty! When can I sit next to you in YOUR Lincoln?

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