Velvet skirt

I always have wanted a long velvet skirt. It’s very seventies, isn’t it?
There are 3 main kinds of velvet; The matt curtain-like velvet, mostly made of natural fibers. The thin, stretchy and cheaply shiny velvet what picks up cat hairs like a professional vacuum cleaner. And … the right velvet with a satin shine, comfortable stretchy, hair-resistant and woven to a mid-weight for a perfect flow. A perfect flow for MY skirt. And I found it in the perfect color.
However … I suppose I need another 9 colors, at some point in this life.

On my new skirt I’m wearing a 4 years old cardigan. That causes I need to delete that earlier post (a weird self-imposed rule because I have a phobia of loading the internet too much. Is there a name for it?).
So, the second image is from 2012. Most of the work was crocheting the trims and the edges for the buttons.

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  1. Een prachtige kleur! Het heeft iets warms en boudoirs tegelijk! Perfect!
    Ik heb onlangs een oudroze velvet overslag jurkje gepast bij de H&M……ik had hem/haar bijna blind gekocht maar toch maar even gepast….effect: Rollade haha!

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