July 2013

Which old masters or contemporary artists have influenced me?

I know the impression that everything has already been done. And the other acclaimed opinion: There are no original ideas because everything is based on (sometimes unconscious) earlier seen things. If you take these not too literally I’m willing to agree with these pronouncements, but to explicitly mention another person as an example is just too much credit.

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Bosco verticale

This week I stumbled upon a picture of Bosco verticale. A vertical forest set on a building, designed by Boeristudio in Italia. Putting their image beside my painting I could add another story to my imaginary prides.

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How is the shipment done?

I’m living in New Zealand and most of my clients are not. The worldwide shipment of an original painting is at my expense. The shipment for a canvas giclée in a tube (rolled with no stretchers) is for my expense too.

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