'The worried one'

Oil on canvas 
81 x 61 cm

The worried one is that specific guy in a group who always raises objections. His voice is heard so much that he can be regarded as an annoying one, because he puts on the brakes in the middle of a good flow.

Just like the other ones, the worried hates to change direction too, but he is able to sense danger from a wider perspective. Bear with him if he is alarming again; some seemingly unimportant concerns can be valuable intuitions.

The other way you may see this image is like the painting called ‘the same one’, which is about imitation. The tall tree in this group is imitating the chimney of the building.
In this case the building could be the enemy of the whole group of trees, because of what’s going on on the left side. And trying to look the same as the enemy, is a known way to shake off the interest of the enemy.