'The vain one'

Oil on canvas 
61 x 101 cm

I’m sure you have one of these characters in your list of social media friends. Maybe even amongst your friends in real life. The one who is overly conscious about her appearance. Who is checking her lipstick every 15 minutes and who is rearranging her hair locks on the same frequency as breathing. Her own reflection is a continuously fascination.

It’s not always a female, there are good examples of males out there too. If a camera is around, he is taking good care that at least one of his biceps accidentally is hanging around too. With an accuracy like a second nature.
I don’t know if they are just insecure? If they are only happy with their life with the applause of others? Or if they really are convinced they have more sparks to polish than their friends? Basically they have the same pack of parts like everyone else.