'The destined one'

Oil on canvas 
25 x 25 cm

If someone gets prepared for his purpose in life from a young age, sometimes the results can become visible quite soon. If that goal is a career in sports, in science or in art, there is not much harm done if started from the very beginning. Because a lean body, a clever mind, or a trained eye could improve their chances of succeeding in life.

More uncomfortable and awkward are those toddlers on stage acting in pageants. Exposing a girl to the scrutiny of beauty pageants can create an imbalance of values and leave her believing that looks are more important than inner character development. Children who participate in beauty pageants are objectified and inappropriately sexualized at an early age.

In nature, the goals of early navigation could be visible too. How about the guided branches of a vine? The goal is to provide wine. Or what about the trimmed limbs of a bonsai? The goal is cuteness an beauty. Like a pageant in tree-form.
But what do you get if the purpose of your worldly existence is a bunch of perfectly cut square wooden poles?