'Malus arvum'

Oil on canvas 
120 x 80 cm

This particular kind of apple tree grows on the foothills of the Stanovoy mountains, Eastern Russia.
These trees have the remarkable characteristic of dropping all their fruit simultaneously. When this happens, it marks the start of the harvest season for the local Yakut people.

Fun fact:
My landscapes don’t exist. They come from my imagination. But very often – years later – I come across pictures of real landscapes that are very similar to what I once painted. They could have been wonderful references or sources of inspiration, were it not for the fact that there is sometimes a decade between the painting and the photo.

The painting above was made in 2009.
In 2017, due to storm Ophelia, beautiful photos appeared in the news of an orchard in Ireland in which all the apples were draped over the field like a blanket.