Viewing the rental house

26 September 2005

Fortunately, today everyone is back to work and we can continue our live too.
The morning we spent again in various stores. At the outside of Whakatane we found some furniture stores, car dealers and giant stores with clothes and household stuff. It is all much larger than I thought. But for today we have limited ourselves to buy valve caps and a quick orientation walk in a bed store. Our own furniture doesn’t arrive earlier than next month.

In the afternoon we finally can view the inside of the rental house on the mountain. It is painted in a quite ugly bright green colour. The bottom is a double garage and on top are 3 small bedrooms, a very small livingroom, kitchen, bathroom and a large deck. The car can be parked under the deck. The house is located at the end of a short dead-end street with four other houses. Inside it ‘s the kind of house like when you just left your parents. Very simple.
viewing the rental houseWe went to see another house to have the idea that we are making a well through-out choice. The other house is located in a plain and cheaper neighborhood.
To the real estate agent we pretended we need a deep think, but as soon as she is gone we drove straight back to the green house. On top of the dead-end street we called her to say that we wanted the green one.

Before tomorrow 11:00 AM we have to hand over the key money. Only if … we get permission from the landlord. Oh dear, how do we get him in a good favor? Shall I wear that glitter shirt with that deep cleavage? Or do loyal payers just wear pleated grey skirts.