More Taipei

After the art fair we had planned a 2 weeks trip through Taiwan, but before we leaving to the south by train, we stayed another few days in Taipei city.

The dogs of Bloemfontein

We got seriously cursed by a local guy, because we braked for a crossing cow … Huh? Isn’t that right to do? I’m afraid if we had hit the cow, we were killed by the family, because not seldom some heads of cattle are their only possession.

Escaping to Sun City

We went to Sun City. Sun city originated in the time of apartheid as a kind of refuge for whites. I hardly can believe it’s all so recent. Although … the country’s wound is still far from healed.

The easy part of Johannesburg

We started with an organic market 18 kilometers to the north. We set our expectations at zero. We expected some bed sheets on a garbage yard where a few half cabbages are offered. But, oooh it was totally different. An exciting …