my move to new zealand


Cars are human

3 December 2005 While I’m painting, Frank is busy trying to get the cars on license. It seems like we are the first people in

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Household goods

31 October 2005 Friday the sea container with household goods was put in our street by a swing lift. That’s a truck with 2 huge

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Harvesting vegetables

10 October 2005 We have been back to Auckland because HURRAY, Pini had accomplished her prescribed 30-day quarantine!!! We checked in at the counter with

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European style

4 October 2005 Yesterday I moved the bed to the dining area, where also is located the phone wall plug. Now we can use internet

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Household appliances

29 September 2005 The neighbours in our hotel are laborers who are living somewhere rural in the country. Here, after work, they drink away their

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Cat in quarantine

19 September 2005 After leaving the Netherlands and before arriving in New Zealand, we spent 1 week in Disney World, like a kind of stop-over.

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