City trip to Melbourne

After 3,5 years of financial drought and lack of time (because of the renovation of our house) we finally could treat ourselves to a city trip to Melbourne. I want to tell you why I so enormously enjoyed it!


An old woman with angry eyebrows -the disillusioned mother of the carpet prince- strode up to me and asked what I was doing in her shop.

Fear and pride

19 July 2007 In the meanwhile, we have been to the marae 6 or 7 times, without me blogging about it every single time. When a new lesson in marae protocol was announced, Gina phoned us to ask whether we want to participate again. We play public. In exchange for food. After 4 or 5 …


The gains 1

29 September 2006 Last week the day of our move to New Zealand was 1 year ago and someone asked us if we had gone through the ‘gains’. Of course I first had to look up that word. I thought it were the rugby results or something, but it means benefits or profits. In other …


Gallery Fisher

10 December 2005 This week we went to Auckland to show my newest paintings to the owner of gallery Fisher. After this visit, I was wondering … is it too much to expect a chair and an offered cup of coffee after we have driven a trip of 4 hours? Fisher may be one of …


My IELTS test

31 Oct 2004 Before I moved from the Netherlands to New Zealand I had to do the International English Language Test (IELTS). And I needed a band score of 5 (out of 9) at least to be allowed to live in New Zealand. From 9:30 AM to 3:00 PM I found myself in exactly the …