Cat in quarantine

19 September 2005

After leaving the Netherlands and before arriving in New Zealand, we spent 1 week in Disney World, like a kind of stop-over. The flight from Orlando to Auckland took 17 hours. I think this is the longest flight possible.

Near Auckland the lightning hit the plane. Yes really! It was an enormous sound, but furthermore nothing weird was noticeable inside.
We entered the plane at Saturday night and we stepped out on Monday morning … I like to imagine that lightning was the physical effect of the dateline.
We could not sleep in the plane, but after landing we tried to directly join in the new daily routne. In stead of taking a nap we went to the quarantine cattery by train, somewhere in a suburb called Takanini.
It was raining and hailing, we lost our borrowed umbrella and after arriving at the station in Takanini, it turned out to be another 45 minutes walk.

cat in quaratineActually we were not allowed to see Pini. There were special hours for visitors. But because it was our first time, we were granted to see our own furry child for 10 minutes.
We had to go through 3 steel fences and clean our shoes in soap. Then we were permitted in Pini’s cage of about 2 square meters and 2 meters high. The poor thing had upright hair of fear and was sitting in the farest corner of the cage. Still, after 9 days!
The first 30 seconds she stared at us with big, round eyes, but then she started to purr and licked out hands. She almost climbed on us. It was great!
After exactly 10 minutes we were called we had to walk back the route to the lobby. It was terrible to close her cage again. We heard her meowing all the way through the 3 steel fences and she pressed herself against the side of her cage to see us as long as possible. It was heart breaking.
The day after tomorrow we will go again.
However, I’m wondering what is better? Maybe it is very traumatising for her if we have to leave her again. Or is it a good thing to see that her parents are coming back over and over again.