Quality time with Pini

21 September 2005

Yesterday we went by train to another suburb, called Penrose. We planned to buy a second-hand car from one of the dozens car shops over there. We wanted to check them all and then make a well-advised a mature choice. But … soon we made up all kind of reasons why it was better to buy a car at the very first dealer, located at only 10 meters of the train station.
First; The owner had very honest eyes.
Second; It was still raining cats and dogs and it was nice dry and warm inside “Genuine Vehicle Imports”
Third; We were weak and eager.
Fourth: We had bought a one-way train ticket deliberately.
So, we returned with a borrowed car, with the promise our chosen car was dusted, regreased and proven for road fitness in 2 days.

quality time with piniThis morning we visited Pini again. We calculate on 1 hour quality time at least.
To our delight she didn’t look so bristle and scared anymore. Apparently our first visit had given her some self-confidence. Again we got many kisses en were ‘proudly’ guided through her netted cupboard by herself. Alternately one of us could sit on the ground, so the other could sit on the scratching post.

After 45 minutes Pini got bored and went to lie in her bed on her own initiative. All the cat rooms are provided with a little electric blanket, so we fully understood the attraction.
By the time we began to feel rejected, we carefully walked backward through the netted door, but … that was not the intention! Again loudly meowing she followed us with her eyes.
Well, let’s face it … imagine you are lying in a hospital yourself … you probably don’t have the spirit to amuse you visitors for a full hour too. But if you accidentally are nodding off, your visitors shouldn’t have the nasty nerves to try to disappear backwards between the curtain, isn’t it?