14 April 2012

Today I received something in the mail I wanted to own by myself for ages. In some way I always found it a kind of ‘tool’ not intended for me. It was meant for shops. But every time I noticed those small colour samples in the paint shop, I stole a few of them and add them to my other few thumbed strips. It didn’t make sense and it took too long to steal every colour that exist.

Now I bought a mature 2-part book with 2058 colors. Every page contains 7 colors and every colour is divided in 6 mini-stickers. I have started to cut off 1 sticker of each color and throw them in a bowl, to grab with closed eyes, for some unusual combinations.

Pantone colours

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  1. After reading this I bought this set to. I am planning to create a mosaic with the stickers. The hardest job will be to pick the right colors. Pantone got a program to help you with it, but it will take a while to finish a mosaic of 100’s of colors…. A nice experiment for the autumn/winter.
    Thanks for the inspiration.
    René (The Netherlands)

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