Household goods

31 October 2005

household goodsFriday the sea container with household goods was put in our street by a swing lift. That’s a truck with 2 huge claws on board, resembling giant spider legs.
To prevent the trees to be damaged, the container was placed at the beginning of our dead-end street about 70 meters from the house. It was opened by another inspector, who checked for hidden animals, insects and suspicious odors.

Maybe Dutchies are restrained to owe their neighbours a favour in an early stage. So, to prevent they would notice the clamor outside and persist to help us to empty the container, we hired 2 guys to quickly do the job. Wishful thinking. Within five minutes I saw 2 neighbours walking between the container and the house with very familiar stuff on their backs. We felt embarrassed and it’s difficult to explain why. As newbie’s we don’t want to bother and of course the neighbours only wanted to make us feel welcome.
Also an anonymous neighbour put a home-made cake on our stairs. Oh dear.

At the end of the day, sneakily in the dark, we put a few bottles of wine at the neigbours’ doorstep. No idea if that is appropriate or not, but that’s how Dutchies try to get rid of the owing. Weird cultures 🙂 Stiff meets laid-back.

household goodsAfter a week ‘I’m-lying-under-a-newspaper-and-you-have-to-get-me’ from the book ‘Indoor activities for bored toddlers’ we allowed Pini to play outside. Without parental supervision. She is very happy. Like us. She stays neatly in her own yard. Like us. And they poops neatly in someone else’s garden. Like us.
Her new job is to guard the garden from birds and against the white neighbour-cat bent on faecal revenge. Pini is particularly proud to be the only woman in the neighbourhood with an embroidered phone number around her neck!

household goodsThat scary flickering lamp, perhaps is indication of a slightly different view with regards to the installation of electricity. Over here it is forbidden to fiddle with your wiring by yourself, but that’s probably deeper reason that the professionals tying the wires on a very inscrutable way. Frank had cutoff the power and still he got a shock …

Talking about professionals;
On the radio I heard an advertisement for a plumbing company with the specialty that all employees definitely are above 40 years old, guaranteeing their experience …