Household appliances

29 September 2005

The neighbours in our hotel are laborers who are living somewhere rural in the country. Here, after work, they drink away their evenings in the hotel bar. Last night I was suddenly awakened by a noise, followed by the light turned on in our adjoining front room. I hammered on Frank’s head, but when he woke up the light was already turned off and we heard someone stumble away …
Strange. Probably all motel rooms, for convenience, have the same key. The nocturnal visitor was certainly not interested in our beautiful laptop, glitzy digital camera and the new mobile phone laying around on the dinner table.

The credit card WORKED!!! And it was lovely to buy household¬†appliances. You couldn’t get a girl more happy. Especially in a good end of season sale.

household appliancesAfter we had loaded a full trolley of purchases in the car, we decided to bring it right away to the new house. We can’t move in before Friday, but we were allowed to use the key. It was good to look around on our own and to feel free to check every little corner and to take pictures.

The first parcel with Frank’s name on it, was already put at the front door. The modem! Maybe it works tomorrow! I’m not able to concentrate myself any longer in the internet cafe, because they are playing loud German hard rock.

Those people walking barefoot on the street are actually a completely accepted phenomenon; On the window at the stained-glass shop hangs a sign: Footwear is recommended. Yeah hahaha.

I still have no idea what to reply when someone says: “Hi, how are you ?!” I noticed in the USA it is more or less a kind of greeting if you enter a shop or restaurant, without a real answer is expected. But if I only smile and doing a friendly nod, a New Zealander takes the time to ask the question a second time! Are they really interested in a meaningful answer? In the Netherlands we are not used to such an interest in a complete stranger.
It’s refreshing, but in a strange way it also makes me feel to be ‘too noticed’.