Harvesting vegetables

10 October 2005

We have been back to Auckland because HURRAY, Pini had accomplished her prescribed 30-day quarantine!!!
We checked in at the counter with $ 1,000 ransom. The lady at the desk was relieved to see us, because they had been expecting us last Saturday … (what??? I’m quite sure I can count to 30 pretty good, since … let us say … since 35 years … but ok, don’t argue.)
At first Pini loudly meowed in the car for 2 hours and then fell asleep for the next 2 hours. On the ground, on the driver’s side, near the pedals. Because of course just that is the best spot to relax (?!).

Once in the green house, she had hours of work to rub every corner and edge, and she doesn’t budge from our side more than a few inches. That is good. Her job as a pet is hard, because she is our only toy now. Along with the laptop and newspaper. So having her around is a great improvement in our daily struggle to get through the day. The next excitement is the arrival of the container, but that will take more than two weeks.

What happens if you don’t have a TV? Then you play games. What happens if you don’t have games? Well, when I was your age, haha … we were all sweet with a basket of clothespins! So, on my shopping list were clothespins today.
harvesting vegetablesI also walked around in the garden and have found all kinds of food! Oranges, leeks, broad beans and some greens unknown to me, but planted in rows which suggested to me that they are edible. I’m totally unfamiliar with vegetable gardens, but it looks like fun. I also bought a hoe and even dug up some potatoes and carrots! As a child I shivered of broad beans -they still smelled like socks- but today I found them delicious.