guardianship4 October 2007 (South Africa)

Yesterday we did a hike (between Hoekwil and Wilderness, South-Africa) and right at the beginning of the track, we were approached by an older couple and ‘a boy’. They asked us if we could be willing to take care of the boy. They had ‘found’ him in front of a warning sign that says: ‘the walkway was impassable because paths were washed away by heavy rain’. The boy wanted to follow the route nevertheless, but they had persuaded him not to do. They found it too dangerous. “You have to oblige such a sign!” the couple emphasized.

guardianshipApparently the instant adoptive parents thought the boy would not obey them as soon as they were gone, so on the spot they came to a compromise; They had seen that we too were planning to ignore the warning sign, but … that we are also are looking very wise and sensible. Oh yeah, if the light is in our favour, we can radiate an enormous reliability, haha. A bright white aura!
So suddenly, we got the supervision on … a 20-year-old German backpacker, who patiently and friendly smiling was waiting, without any interfere about this oddly transfer.

Umbrella and drizzle

Actually, we planned to do only half the hike. It was drizzling and we both wore the wrong shoes. But of course now we couldn’t lose our face and walked the total track of 5.5 hours. With half way a dip in an icy cold lake under the waterfall.
No, not me. I was charged to guard the cameras and clothes from the drizzle, while the guys went for a swim. Though I did not dare to take a picture when I saw the backpacker’s bare ass in my peripheral vision.