First day in the green house

30 September 2005

The cheap motel is said goodbye and we have occupied the green house. The manager of the hotel shouted after Frank: “Don’t forget to come to the Topless Waitress Show next week!”

Like agreed; on our first day the new bed is delivered. With exaggerated royal linen because in the next 4 weeks the bed will be our only piece of furniture. We placed it in the living room, because we also need to sit and eat on it.

Today the shopping list only contains some cleaning utensils. Without furniture my household is so incredibly small, that I’m planning to do it very thorough and very slow. I’m even looking forward to it, because until the arrival of the shipping containers, we don’t have anything else to play with.
The summer hasn’t start yet, but we don’t want to do the typical tourist things anyway, because we want to save those trips until the parents come to visit us in a couple of months.

We realized we didn’t think about how to cool our groceries. Actually, a fridge is a bit too expensive to purchase for only 4 weeks. We’ve been told that there is a lively trade in second hand goods, but found out that was a bit disappointing. Indeed there is a lot of junk, but it’s so expensive! You better buy new.
Maybe a tiny new fridge? One of those mini-bar sizes?