Exploring the supermarket

25 September 2005

After two weeks of living on fast food it starts to turn us off. Our truckers room contains a kitchenette with a few tiny tin pans and a kind of single-person gourmet set. So Saturday afternoon we are doing some regular shoppings at the ‘New World’, a huge supermarket. It takes quite some time, because every item needs to be read and translated. Except the liquorice, Amsterdam onions, chocolate sprinkles, herring, applesauce, stuffed … etc. because that are typical Dutch products. The vegetable department looks exactly the same as in the Netherlands. No surprises here. Picking and weighing the veggies is done just like we are used in the Netherlands and a small box of cherry tomatoes is extremely expensive too, just like home …
exploring the supermarketAnd after all; my imported stock of favourite wrinkle creme wasn’t necessary at all. Furthermore I jaw dropped by bumping on a five meter wide shelf with only king sized sausages for dogs.
And who said that the Netherlands had way too many kinds of desserts?

After finishing the groceries we are going to try out the 4-wheel option of our car. There is a suitable area at the end of the river. A tangle of water streams and land strips connected by sandy paths with deep potholes. If you really are pushing to use your imagination: We looked a bit like the Marlborroman in the sun set.

Our first properly cooked meal is a delicious macaroni with one of those rich desserts. Right after our dinner we settled ourselves in front of the TV, excited to see a documentary about New Zealand’s history. Full of idealism, waiting for our first-class lesson of naturalization … we fell into a deep sleep -as usual- after a few minutes.
Would this new narcolepsy will ever pass?

On Sunday we walk around without any goal. We hiked on the beach, viewed a few small villages and did some shopping at a veggie stall. That didn’t stop us from powerlessly falling asleep again, right after our delicious home-made meal. I’m starting to worry. I even don’t use alcohol!!!
What if ‘normal’ life starts again???