European style

4 October 2005

european styleYesterday I moved the bed to the dining area, where also is located the phone wall plug. Now we can use internet in bed (remember; we are writing 2005 😉 ). But a more important reason is, now the bed was further away from that scary lamp.

But this night I saw the kitchen light is flashing too …

Now we are in possession of an car insurance, an address and a fridge, we find ourselves already real citizens, so we went to the council for registration. At the information desk we proudly told why we were here for. The lady looked at us a bit oddly. However, she called someone else in to help her out. They discussed something together and unanimously decided we don’t need to enroll. Disappointed we slinked off. How do they do their census? In the Netherlands we are un-registered. And here they don’t want to register us …
Where ARE we? We want to belong to SOMETHING !!!

For days, in a radius of 100 kilometers we are searching for outdoor chairs which we want to use now for temporarily indoor chairs. We are discovering that not only the second-hand furniture is terrible, but new furniture too. It also may be that we are very spoiled. But at the other hand … every furniture item with the tiniest ‘European’ touch is loudly advertised. Over here “European style” is a superlative. So, at least the New Zealander realizes there is something to worship. At this point I regret we so highty-tighty refused that dizzying stock at Ikea and all those little design shops in Amsterdam. Now we have to drive a long way for some chairs that are not made of white plastic or chairs that may be purchased individually rather than by 9-piece set.
european style
An advantage of all these kilometers, is that I had to drive on the left side twice again. I have dared to drive 90 kilometers per hour, I did winding roads in the mountains and waved to other truckers! All at once!