Elephotos and leaving SA

13 October 2007 (South Africa)

ElephotosThere was still 1 must-do on the South-Africa list; Hugging Elephants.
It is a strange perception to see such enormous animals obediently squatting beside the portable stairs and patiently get these little people loaded on their back. Their trunks are as thick as my waist and yet the elephants didn’t knocks anyone off his socks with it.
Just like me, lately. I meant with my waist. No one. Knocking someone off his socks …
Okay, forget what I said.
At night the animals are inside a large hall sleeping on elephants beds. The staff lives there too in a large room in the rafters of the hall, overlooking the nightlife of the elephants. Like a kind of skybox.

elephotosOn the last day we rent canoes and rowed the same route as we hiked with the German backpacker. Not quite up to the bare-ass-swimming-hole, but far enough got fairly tired.

elephantsOn Friday morning we left South Africa and Saturday morning we arrived in Hong Kong.
We had to hang around with our suitcases outside the building until afternoon, before our room was ready. There was no lounge. It is the smallest hotel room we’ve ever had, but we knew that beforehand. In Hong Kong square meters are priceless (hence all those skyscrapers), so for a hotel room in the center you have to pay money or you have to give up comfort.
Besides the suspiciously short bed, which is clamped on three sides between the walls, there is about 2 square meters left. One meter is for the suitcases (closed) and the other meter needs to stay clear to be able to open the door.
Behind an accordion-door is a miniature bathroom. If you like you can take a shower while sitting on the toilet on the same time. Pretty handy! The walls are interestingly decorated with lime green fake leather.
Once we touched the pillows we fell asleep. It was in the middle of the day.
When I wake up hours later, I realize that my camera was still in the plane …