Car seats in the living room

23 October 2005

car seats in the living roomWe still have no chairs, but today Frank got the bright idea to take out the 5th and 6th car seat. A relief, because I’m already a bit of an hunchback and without proper chairs it got worse. It is almost cozy now; seated in front of the warm fireplace, with the seat belts on, haha.

Our shopping for today was another plant. I had my eye on a Cape Gooseberry. This plant gets orange fruits growing in a small brown paper bag. You’ve probably seen them as one of those nice lantern-like decorations on the dessert in a fancy restaurant. And then there was always someone on the same table asking: “Huh, is this edible???”

 Click on the image to see happened 4 years later

Today we wanted to eat something bad, nasty and fatty. We paid for this sin by walking to the fast food eatery, instead of driving by car. The shop is called ‘Grandad’s Fish & Chips’ and the sign on the window says it’s an award-winning place to be.
Grandad turned out to be a Chinese boy of about 25 years old. Doesn’t matter … the faded sign was from 1996. You need to know on this part of the hemisphere this kind of ‘food’ is still served rolled in a newspaper. Okay … with a sheet of white paper in between, but still … weird. I’m wondering if this is done because of some considerations of nostalgia. Anyway … this meal was the lowest form of food we have ever experienced in our lives. Matching the quality and taste we ate it outside on a bench beside the trash bin.

Back home I have rewarded us by home-baked cookies !!! The first time in my life.