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1 October 2005

I had a quite sleepless night. The pillows were too flat and the house creaked.
The house is made of wood and when the temperature changes at night the wood moves and creates very loud sounds.
Also every 10 seconds the lamp above our bed in the living room made a very faint, eerie flash. We thought it would stop as soon as the lamp might consumed some left-over electricity (or so?!), but every time I looked at it, it still was creepily flashing!
On my nocturnal trip to the bathroom, I didn’t dare to under pass the lamp; scared for the Electric Arm that would drag me into the mains. So I had to get out, and back in, stepping over Frank’s head.
He is a very patient man.

In the morning at 7:45 AM we were already starting the car to go to Auckland on pet-visit at Pini. That distance is about the same as Amsterdam/Luxembourg.
Pini is very happy again. Not especially with her own existence, but with our presence. Her neighbour cat finds us extremely interesting too and he is sitting and watching us the full hour, pleading with his nose flat on the glass. Occasionally interrupted with theatrical tearing out substantially pieces of fur. On his door I read that is in the cattery for a few months now, so … I guess it’s not very good for their mental health.

back to aucklandAfter the solemn promise to Pini that mom & dad come to get her within 9 days, we go to a mall to buy fuller pillows and … to face that refrigerator problem. Those small knee-high mini fridges are offered for 340 New Zealand dollar, but here in Auckland we found one for only 199.
“Always good for the future guest room!” is what we say very often, lately.