Arranging connection to daily life

28 September 2005

Last week Frank has found coins on the street for already 4 times! He is thinking about to becoming a professional money sweeper. By contrast; to get our money out of the ATM is rather tough though. Our new credit card, which we temporarily have entrusted our entire earthly possessions, suddenly pretends not to know us. Luckily to get the key money for the house, succeeded with our emergency card, so next Friday we can move into the green house.
We still have 3 days to gather some inventory. Well, hopefully … if the new credit card can be hypnotized back into life. Because of the time difference we have to call our Dutch bank late at night. And we are calling them every night!

Connection to electricity was organized in only 5 minutes! We got a real person on the phone, instead of a menu. Conveniently! The receptionist of the help desk made us believe we will have an internet connection right next week!

I got my first job from the Netherlands. I have to create an illustration for an ABC book about cities. I make 50 euros plus royalties, so soon we can buy 12 of those small boxes of expensive cherry tomatoes, whahaha.
arranging connection to daily lifeFurthermore, I got compliments of three different women in different shops chattering about my lovely necklace. Well … if everything fails, I still can order a few kilos of beads and start a lovely-necklace-stall!

To buy a bed we went to Tauranga. That’s a 90 kilometers ride.
Frank forced me to take the wheel, to get me used to the right-hand drive. I hardly dare to exceed 80 kilometers per hour, while all other road users seemed to do 200!
I just got a deep respect for all New Zealanders and British people, who drive the wrong side of the road daily.

Many myths about New Zealand are untrue, but their not-so-fashionable furniture is correct. For beds they have a preference for these weird high double granny mattresses. We have chosen the most Ikea-like bed that was available, with the softest mattress in the store. “That’s weird”, said the sales man, “because all Dutchmen always choose hard mattresses.” When we wanted to checkout our new the bed, pillows, duvet and linen … that rotten credit card still didn’t work! While last night the bank clerk emphasize … and he convinced us … and he swore that …
Tonight we will call again. The 3rd time!