10 August 2009

Inspiration can come from anything! Hear ….. anything!

This afternoon I found a miniature landscape in my garden. Close up it was a bunch of clear, almost glassy stems with a more than yellow bulb at the top. The bulbs of the longest stems were coloured to bronze. It seems like a beautiful miniature forest on one of the planets far away from here …

Please keep clicking on the pictures, for the full effect:

Beautiful yellow tiny things
Beautiful yellow tiny things
Growing on a colorless 'thing" ...
Growing on a colorless ‘thing” …
An outer space forest
But then, zooming out I saw the thing was just a turd!
Oh, yeah. Of course.
Made by one of my room mates.

3 Responses

  1. Before we went of for groceries it looks like the bronze tops were exploded en had blown out a kind of black powder over the little forest. Like it was burned down. I would be a perfect follow up picture in this story.
    When we came back I couldn’t make a picture anymore because it was raining like hell. I think the whole turd is floaten away now 😉

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