A list with rentals and a tire blowout

24 September 2005

On Friday, just before closing time, we could pick up a list of rental houses at the real estate agency, so we have a job to do this weekend. Of course we couldn’t wait until the next morning and immediately went to see the outside of the leading contender. It’s located on a mountain. Although fully developed with no view, but still … a mountain.
We now know that the houses are unheated (a New Zealander prefers buy an electric blower heater or a sweater), so we are prepared for a life with rheumatic damp moldy beds and wardrobes. There are a lot of houses suitable, but pets are rarely accepted and often the houses are rent out for only a few months.

Just after dusk Frank discovered a huge lump on one of the tires. The tire hissed a bit too – but it is not flat yet. Back to the west side of the mountain will take about 15 minutes. That could be a blowout, but the east side of the mountain is totally deserted now. Maybe the lump is already there for weeks, maybe not. Frank still owns some alter-boy-points, so he dares to keep going.
Back in the village we parked in the window lights of a Quick-Fit store, which is obviously just closed. We found a foldable mini-jack hidden in the floor of the car, but unfortunately a cross wrench is unfindable. We tried if they sell one at the petrol station. THEY DID! It works out and now we have to do a real mature job tommorow. Getting a new tire.
Now it has become late enough to order fries at McDonalds in stead of cooking a real dinner in our truckers room.