Prizes and awards

20 November 2005

During the school year the children regularly get awarded with prizes to encourage them growing to the hard adult life. The credo is; Everyone has 1 talent at least. So, there are not just awards for who can count the best, who writes the most beautifully, or who can name all capitals in the world … no, in a class of 30 children are 30 prices. There is also a prize for who has been the most obedient, who was the most attentive, or who has done the most to help another.

Once the New Zealander matured, this continues. In the newspaper today, our adult citizens were awarded with prizes; This was the week for the gardeners. In addition to the finest theme garden, rock garden or landscaped yard there were also -in all earnest awards for the garden that is best visible from the road (!) the best dual-earner garden (!) and best single-parent-garden (!).

Yesterday, the Lincoln has been to the garage to get ‘awarded’ with her WoF (warranty of road fitness). Sneakily we drove off the mountain without license plates – and as silently as possible soon returned. Before we can get a license number there still need some things be done. A lot of these jobs are doable for Frank but the licence-distributor requires a certificate from an authorized car dealer for all repairs and modifications. That is quite shitty because Franks has stored a lot of these specialized classic car parts at home JUST BECAUSE they are not available at normal garages. Frank learned to do every job by his own JUST BECAUSE normal garages are not set up to such old sledges.

On September 28, I wrote Frank had found money on the street four times. Since then, there were regularly appearing coins and even a note at his feet. At the 8th time for a moment I thought about writing about it again, but I assumed that you would not believe it.
Today, I can not help it to mention that he found the 12th coin in nine weeks.

prizes and awardsOn the picture the tiny mini-airport of Whakatane. Just 1 hall and 1 desk for ‘in and out’. A coffee machine instead of a MacDonald and 2 Kliko bins for the trash. Oh, and at the side 1 hospital bed (?). The one and only guy who handles the tickets, is the same one and only guy who is driving an old dented car over the airstrip 5 minutes before the plane is landing, to check if the strip is free of rubbish, animals, stones or whatever.