Missed daylight

Because I’m a night owl I usually miss a big slice of daylight. That is not handy for a painter, so I’m always alert on interesting lamps.
Today I bought a dentist lamp at an auction.

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… I moved the furniture to the side of the room and found a way to hang the parts of a ‘sixteentych’.
The diameter is 3 meter. Or the length of all the canvasses together is 10 meter.

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Pantone colours

Today I received something in the mail I wanted to own by myself for ages. I always found it a kind of ‘tool’ not intended for me. I stole a few of them …

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The face of Taipei city

For me this city had an atmosphere of a futuristic scene, build in the fifties. It was not a turn off, but more a kind of intriguing. A mix of spooky and fairy

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One of the rooms in the temple

Art Revolution Taipei

Joining the Art Revolution in Taipei was a real milestone in my career! The decision to be at the fair in real person was even better. It was all one great learning course!

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From Brisbane to Sydney

I wondered what kind of good deeds the citizens have done in their previous lives in order to be born in Australia. Then I wondered what bad I had done in my previous life …

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A visit to the Netherlands

Another thing I liked of being back was; Dutchies hardly do courtesy talks. In daily life and in business they can be bluntly honest to each other without affecting their relationship. They are going right to the point. For foreigners they may sound

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City trip to Melbourne

After 3,5 years of financial drought and lack of time (because of the renovation of our house) we finally could treat ourselves to a city trip to Melbourne. I want to tell you why I so enormously enjoyed it!

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Italia meets New Zealand

Today I received his part in my letterbox and I was over the moon. Beside a beautiful bright tempera work, he also added a book brimmed full of other small paintings of weird animals in marvellous colors.

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A TooHot painting

The PAL design contest got a funny afterbirth 😀
The organisator of the contest asked me to create a painting in commission, as a tribute to this event.

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Retroactively inspired

Normally; first there is my painting … and then Mother Earth imitates me with a pale shadow of my created treasures. That’s how it happens all the time!

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Notes for every separate painting

I always have difficulties to re-connect with the painting after it have been in rest for weeks. Every time it seems I need hours or days before I know how to work further on it, like an interrupted conversation. Most of the times my first attempts are quite pointless too.

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