Oil on canvas, 51 x 41 cm

Errol Anthony Eems (55 years old)

Errol lives in Lisse, not far from the coast in the Netherlands. This small village is famous for her tulip bulbs.
He works as head maintenance and engineering of the ambulances in the South Holland area.
In 2010 his scales tipped 150 kilograms for the first time in his life. And he decided -as a kind of new start- to spend his vacation cycling 300 kilometers around the IJsselmeer. That’s were he joined in this blog.

The RELATIONS to the other voices

Errol and his wife Tamara have a daughter Donna, but Tamara doesn’t life with them at this moment.
On the first night of his big IJsselmeer trip Errol met the young Edgar, who just had decided to get drunk. They kept in touch.
Years ago Errol sold his small house to Oriana. They kept in touch.

Errol’s updates here at the Voices
Errol’s own blog about cooking