Oil on canvas, 41 x 51 cm

Alvaro Julius Martinez (44 years old), born in Colombia

Alvaro is adopted by a Belgian couple. He grew up as their only child in the coastal town of Blankenberge. He doesn’t have any memories of his early childhood years and also doesn’t have a special interest in his native country. The Belgian coast is his homeland.

After his secondary education Alvaro worked for a few years in seasonal restaurants on the beach. The assembly of these temporary wooden buildings always gave him the feeling of festive things about to happen. He loved the holiday atmosphere, the girls, the bronzing and the evenings when he was on duty at the stove.
During the dismantling of the buildings in the autumn gales, he was looking forward to the months of doing nothing, which boiled down to hanging around in the gym, long visits to his family and sometimes a short vacation to a warmer climate.

Now, almost 25 years later, he runs a company that sells and installs catering equipment.

The RELATIONS to the other voices:

Alvaro is the cousin of Edgar. Their fathers are brothers.