Makkum & Lemmer

The first sketchAfter I had left Zurich on Friday, I trudged my way to my first stop. I’ve never realized Makkum has a beach!!! I was surprised. And a beautiful little centre too. It was tempting to stay for another day (my butt is starting to crack), but I didn’t pedal enough kilometres yet.

It was a good decision to travel further to Lemmer, because there was a kind of ‘after-summer-party’ going on. Classic cars were shown, music was played on the streets, old sailing boats are bobbing, and the aroma of fresh smoked gurnard was tantalizing my nose.
Lemmer has a quite large and busy harbour. There was a big fair and people were showing different old crafts and traditional costumes.
All done to please ME 🙂
At night all the boats in the harbour were illuminated. It was a beautiful evening to hang around and doing nothing bad.

Today I have to bike a nasty distance to Lelystad. Almost 4 hours! I want to visit my 90 years old Mum. Hope she wants to do my laundry 😉

I did it!

The first sketchThe Afsluitdijk is 32 kilometers long and there is water on both sides until the very far horizon. However, on the cycle track you have a view on only 1 horizon, because the other side is the dike and the highway.
Anyway, it was drizzling and I felt alternating pitiful & tough.

At some point I saw a promising sign along the road; I reached a new region now: Friesland, but I was still not halfway … (rain stopped & breeze in the back).
But I made it. I am a GORILLAH!
So, at night I played billiards and slept in de Steenen Man in Zurich.

Glad the sun is shining this morning!

Just before the Big Crossing

The first sketchI was told there was a market in Wieringerwerf, so yesterday I pinned this as my next fuel stop. What turns out as a bummer, because despite of my fast forward, I was too late.
Sitting on a bench I enjoyed the treats I bought in the bakery museum shop that morning, and watched the dismantling of the stalls. Hm!

I cycled further to Hippolytushoef where I bought something for somebody in the fairtrade shop, put it in the mailbox to somewhere and then arrived at Den Oever at 5:30 PM.
That has been quite a nasty work out, because in the meantime the weather was changed in chilly & wet and the rest of the world seems to be totally desolated.
I found my companion in restaurant De Dikke Bries. Wine, wine … I need some expensive red wine. Because I’m worth it!!!

After a comfort drink and a comfort talk with another big guy, I booked for 1 night in B&B ‘de Waddenzee’. Nothing extraordinary, just a bed and a morning coffee. But before I fell on the sheets at midnight, I first -how surprising- ended up in café ‘de Houtzolder.
When I stepped into the accustomed atmosphere, I vaguely had the same feeling as last Friday and last Sunday. “Better not do this. Better not being here. Better do some reading and some uhhh, pfff … meditation!”

Now it is the next morning and after I finished this blog, I have to go back to the café, hoping they have found my sunglasses.
Not that I need them at this moment, but hope keeps me going.

Kind of happy

The first sketchThe day I sadly left Oriana in Alkmaar, the weather was beautiful and I felt my paunch was melting off.

Halfway my planned route to Medemblik, I made some pictures in Broek op Langedijk. I learned that in the earlier days the auction for the farmers could be literally entered by boat!

A short time later I passed an awesome building what is called the Kremlin. It’s a kind of castle, all built by one guy and done just for fun. I found a vid on YT, because the weirdness was too much for a simple photo.

I was quite worn out at the end of that day and I was over the moon by founding a terrific little house to fall asleep at child’s bedtime.

The next morning I woke up way too early. At 7:15 AM already (I seldom experiencing that time in consciousness) I saw a dramatic sunrise scene with ‘gemaal Lely’ as main character. A nice 1930 building.

The peacefulness of the scene made me deciding of staying another night and planning to do some shopping in Medemblik. A book store and museum, yeahhh.

In the morning I started with a visit to the steam engine museum. If you are a lady, don’t click. It’s just boring male stuff.

After I made it to escape from the guy who couldn’t stop talking about his passion of steamy things, I hid in a book store for hours 😉 For me a book store is like being on an other planet for a little while. I’m always a bit disoriented after stepping back into the streets. Like waking up and uneasily wondering: “What was the bad thing again today?”
Unfortunately I was limited in my purchases (desperately trying to keep the comfort with me), because I have to carry it with me for at least another week.
At the end of the day I wasn’t in the mood for a restaurant, so I picked up some Chinese food and read my new magazines in my little house.

This shiny morning, I bought some delicious treats in the ‘bakery museum’. I couldn’t resist to take a little look. I have to earn the treats with heavy exercise, so … heading to Wieringerwerf.

Left in Alkmaar

The sketch

The visit of Errol was an absolutely joy. I don’t know any other person with the same mix of humour, innate refinement and such a wide interest.
Oh, wait … Yes.
I know another one; Me!
If we hadn’t our weird personal issues, we would be a perfect couple. For now we decided we are a perfect couple -let’s say- twice a year, for a perfect couple of days.

The first idea was that Errol left the next morning, but I didn’t look forward to a lonely Sunday. So I asked him to stay another day. If you can get a finger, why not grab the whole hand? Luckily he can’t say no.

Because initially his visit was intended to taste my pepper tea, he surprised me with a gorgeous teapot. I was stunned. And now I’m greedy for more of this awesome brand of crockery.

Leaving Alkmaar

The first sketchAfter Oriana created a delicious meal last Saturday, we went to a farewell party of her neighbours because of their move to New Zealand. They were surprised to see me, because 10 years ago I was the owner of Oriana’s house and of course they still knew me from those days.

Sunday the weather was beautiful and Oriana decided that I should stay another day in Alkmaar. Because of my holiday and the sunshine we felt like tourists in our own city and so we did an old-fashioned canal tour.
Then we had dinner at ‘the Vestibule’ and hung around there too long. That was my third LATE night!
It’s high time for me to leave this devilish area. My target for today is Medemblik.
CU later …

Test drive The Hague

The first sketchAfter my three-part monologue I can’t withhold the result of the paint job. And we lived happily ever after.
Now I’m back in the presence.
Yesterday I was still dizzy of the gig Errol and I did the night before; from the hip and off-the-cuff! But I decided to go to the ‘Saturday Night Cruise‘ anyway. It was the last time before the winter stop, so no chance to postpone any more.

I think hope the fuel tank is finally free of leaks, but maybe my optimism will be destroyed after visiting the gas station; Friday night I parked the Lincoln 50 metres before my drive because the fuel gauge said no.