How’s that?

The first sketchAfter reading your letter I have been speechless and confused for a couple of days. I’m still not ready to reply, but I won’t let you wait any longer.

Oddly, I never have imagined that things could fall back to how they were. It felt like a dead person has risen (and you still look good, haha).
Well, in reality of course things cannot fall back into how it was before. Not exactly. It has been 3 years. We both have changed. Yes, you won’t believe; even I -who still lives the same life, same job, same house- have changed.
After you left us, I picked up my old life from the hook. And strangely enough, that old life was nòt changed. It was waiting there in the same shabby cast as I left it 15 years earlier. And now I have added 3 new years to it.
So, you left me at 52. I went back to 37. And now I’m 40, instead of 55. You are so lucky!

You are lucky, if I would let you (evil grin).

If I start thinking about a possible reunion, my brain stops working. It’s not that I don’t wànt you back. You may know I have missed you terribly and the first months were horrible. It’s more that it scares me to gain again what I can lose again. Can you understand?

So, that’s where I stand now. I don’t know what to answer …
Maybe we better not start where we ended, but start if we are two strangers with coincidentally some mutual acquaintances, known as Errol and Tamara.

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