The loyal one

arrowlavailablearrowrAbout loyalty and capuchin monkeys

Oil on canvas, 51 x 101 cm (2014)

Recently I read a true story about a 5 year old girl who lived alone in the Colombian jungle until the age of 10. At first she imitated the food habits of capuchin monkeys, which led to her survival. After a while the monkeys accepted her as part of their group and slowly they even developed a bond.
Returned in the human world she kept an extremely strong feeling of loyalty to apes and animals in general.

You may look different or you even may be from another species, you still can easily transform your own habits or looks to adapt to a person or a group if you want to belong to them. I would say it happens all the time, also in smaller situations than a girl living with monkeys. Sometimes the adaptations are transparent like the attempt of the timber tree.
Maybe you can find a proof in your own life. Think about work places. Or manners with friends.

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