Oil on canvas, 41 x 51 cm (2011)

Oriana Marianne Vanderliek (37), born in Alkmaar, the Netherlands

Oriana (37 yo) is working as recreational therapist in a care home for people with dementia. Her job was a peculiar result of completing her community service. This community service was her punishment because of “taking advantage of vulnerable people”. A charge done by the children of a few elderly. A charge Oriana still persistently defend.
The staff of the house though, was delighted with the dedication Oriana exhibited during her community service and they wanted her to stay.

Oriana lives in a small old house near the train station. Ten years ago she bought the house from Errol when he moved to a larger home with his daughter Donna and his former wife Tamara (the other portraits).
Oriana and Errol kept in touch ever since …

Here you can see a ‘making of’: https://youtu.be/5DVoRWm4iBI