Oil on canvas, 41 x 51 cm (2011)

Oriana Marianne Vanderliek (37), born in Alkmaar, the Netherlands

Oriana works as recreational therapist in a care home for people with dementia (what once started as a community service).
She lives in a small old, but renovated house near the train station in Alkmaar.
Ten years ago she bought the house from Errol (other portrait) when he moved to Lisse with his daughter Donna and his former wife Tamara. Oriana and Errol kept in touch ever since.
At the beginning of this year they breathed new life into their cooking club, hoping to meet new people. Every other month 1 or 2 members cook a meal for the other members. At this moment there are only 6 members, but the fun is growing.

HERE you can find an explanation about my inspiration and about a special project that started-off after painting the first few portraits.