Patricia Van Lubeck

Oil on canvas, 41 x 51 cm (2011)

Errol Anthony Eems (55), born in Lisse, the Netherlands

Errol works as head maintenance and engineering of the ambulances in the South Holland area.
Last summer his scales tipped 150 kilograms for the first time in his life. And he decided -as a kind of new start- to spend his vacation biking 300 kilometers around the IJsselmeer.
On his first night he met Edgar in Castricum (another portrait), who just had decided to get drunk. Errol found that a terrific idea.
Out of habit he ordered a seafood dish for two. Edgar started to join in the bite … and Errol let it be.
After emptying three-quarters of a bottle of whisky they sung ‘Black Betty’ in karaoke, to the great enjoyment of the other guests.
By the way of thanks for the meal, Edgar provided the weird big guy illegal access to an empty beach cabin. So he didn’t need to search for a hotel at 2 AM with his full packed bike.

Errol is doing fine. After 6 months he already lost 19 kilo’s.