Oil on canvas, 41 x 51 cm (2011)

Edgar Merkelbach (34), born in Castricum, the Netherlands

Edgar earns his money working in beach pavilions, just like his cousin Alvaro used to do. However, not in the kitchens, but in music.
During summer he is operating the turntables at a few clubs on the Dutch coast. And last winter he did the same thing in Les Trois Vallées for the first time.
Although, after the decease of his father, he and his mum both live in one half of the same house, they seldom see each other.
In the not-maintained part of the garden, under a ramshackle shelter (once meant to keep the firewood) Edgar stores his deeply beloved Lincoln Continental MkIII of 1969.
Much to their pleasure, every six months his cousin Alvaro is staying over for a couple of weeks.