Red Bubble sells the calendar you can start on every month you want! So, if you want to buy the calendar in May, then you can click the ‘starting month’ button for example to June. The latest months of the calendar will be dated in the following year. You will get 12 months anyway. No need to start in January.
It’s a good birthday gift, no matter which sign of the zodiac!

Click on the image.

25 Euro

  • Tough wire binding and hanger
  • Stunningly sharp digital printing
  • Start the year with the month of your choice
  • 200gsm satin art paper with a tougher cover
  • Dimensions A3 (297 x 420mm / 11.7” x 16.5”)

Greeting cards

You can buy GREETING CARDS via Red Bubble.

calendar, greeting cards, giclee


You can buy FRAMED PRINTS via Red Bubble.

Some examples of the sizes and prices:

20 x 20 cm = Euro 78.81
20 x 30 cm = Euro 78.81
30 x 30 cm = Euro 97.05
30 x 40 cm = Euro 97.05
40 x 40 cm = Euro 132.99
40 x 60 cm = Euro 132.99



And then the more expensive option; THE GICLÉE, limited and signed by me.

The edition size of the canvas giclées of my older series of landscapes is 75.
The size is 120 x 80 cm. (just like the original).

The edition size of the canvas giclées of my recent series of landscapes (the upper row in the painting section) is 250.
The size is the same as the original painting.

If you want to receive the giclée stretched and ‘ready-to-hang’ than the costs of shipment are your responsibility.
The stretching on slats can be done by your local framer and usually is a lot more economic than a shipment in a box.

What is a giclée exactly? Explanation in Dutch

Giclée comes from the French word ‘gicler’ and means spurt or squirt. Using this technique means that several layers of high quality ink are applied on art print paper or canvas. The giclée art print is a new and contemporary way of printing, meeting the highest requirements of artists and art collectors with respect to graphics. Because of this, the quality of giclée art printing is regarded to be equal to the more common, traditional graphic techniques like etching, serigraphy and stone lithography. Several museums in the US and Europe exhibit Giclée fine art prints instead of the original art work, proving giclée art printing to be real high quality workmanship.

  • The final Giclée proof has been created in close collaboration with, and has been approved by the artist
  • Each Giclée art print has been signed and numbered by the artist
  • The print run of the edition has been determined by the artist beforehand
  • Each Giclée art print comes with a certificate of authenticity
  • The edition is printed using waterproof, high quality, fast ink
  • The edition is printed on high quality, acid free materials
  • All my giclées are printed by art reproduction specialists Re-Art in the Netherlands


The final question … what about the OIL PAINTINGS???
What about the prices? Give me an indication (I hear you).
You can count on around 5000 dollar and up, depending on size. Ask for an exact price per email.
The smaller ones of 25×25 cm are 1500 dollar.
In the FAQ you can find some details about the shipment of paintings.


Contact me at: if you have other questions.
Or leave you email-address if you want to be updated if a new painting is available for sale.