TooHoT made it to stores worldwide

24 August 2008

The TooHoT is about to hit the shelves!
My award winning entry for the PAL design contest will be appearing in stores around the globe soon. Whoohoo!
Two years ago I won the second price in a contest to design a fun looking case for the PAL radio. Because I found the body of the radio was good looking already, I decided to design a kind of stand only. It became this melted looking bottom and I called it TooHot.
Here you can find the how it’s made (sorry for the Dutch captions).

The organisation was delighted. Recently they ask me permission to reproduce them and today I got the results in 5 colors. Don’t they look awesome? Next year the PAL design contest has a Finnish edition endorsed by their national design organization. They chose MY design as example image. Isn’t that cool? And hot?!

 The Finnish edition  toohot china04 Sounds Cool Looks Hot They've sent me THREE examples!