Double retroactive inspiration

A series of blogs about my favourite subject ‘retroactive inspiration’, needs an update! In an newspaper I saw a beautiful picture of a 60 years old cable cabin, located in Chiatura in Georgia. I looked it up on the internet and there were even more pictures of this amazing 6 kilometre long cable transport, what […]

Icons of our collective memory

Our collective memory contains thousands of faces, names, brands, objects, scandals, disasters and victories. Like I said above; you often only need a small clue to understand what is meant. Two musical notes heard … and you can sing along to the song. Just some initials could be enough for certain celebs or brands. A […]

Early works

I realized my preference for ‘weird faces’ was already visible in my early days.

The simmering pot

A few days ago I saw a picture on Facebook of a building made out of living trees.

Real life beats fantasy

Spandau Kop, Valley of desolation, Graaff Reinet, South Africa, Patricia Van Lubeck

Again I saw an appearance in nature that I painted years before I had seen it in real. Or even ever thought it would exists in real.

Bosco verticale

This week I stumbled upon a picture of Bosco verticale. A vertical forest set on a building, designed by Boeristudio in Italia. Putting their image beside my painting I could add another story to my imaginary prides.

Kolmanskop the ghost town

In the silent, hot weather with a gusty wind what caused a kind of yellow/grey hazy view ‘ghost town’ was a perfect characterization. A true paradise for photographers and location scouts.

Quivers and titties

As we drive into the field of these special trees, I understand why I had to come here … they are true real-live ‘Lubeck Trees’!

Pantone colours

Today I received something in the mail I wanted to own by myself for ages. I always found it a kind of ‘tool’ not intended for me. I stole a few of them …

A TooHot painting

The PAL design contest got a funny afterbirth 😀
The organisator of the contest asked me to create a painting in commission, as a tribute to this event.

Retroactively inspired

Normally; first there is my painting … and then Mother Earth imitates me with a pale shadow of my created treasures. That’s how it happens all the time!

On my easel now

If the berries are left to weather, the lampoon turns into this wonderful delicate gauze allowing a good peek at the berry itself. I used this visual effect in a slightly different form.

Alien invasion

… My next thought was that I had stumbled across some freshly landed aliens ready to roll their way into the world…..