For a while I was not sure about publishing my vlogs, because of ‘too boring’. In the first place they were intended just for family. It’s not more than a peek into my daily life in New Zealand.
My first vlogs were edited quite clumsy with too much too long shots. In the first minutes I even made the classic mistake of keeping my smartphone upwards. Sorry for that. It will get better.

Storm at the dump

… more heinous were the bloody sanitary towels (of strangers!) which flew around with 80 kilometers per hour. The loaded diapers and plastic bags with slimy rotten eggs were attacking you full in the face.

Gains II

… put them under the Eiffel Tower and 1 week later they are still sitting there; completely furnished and surrounded with countless friends!

Suicide birds

… if you bend over to pick up a little insect from the ground, you get a punch in your neck of the shifting battery. Constantly you are stuck in the bushes and slowly you become crazy from the itching of that chafed skin.

Winning tits

Every woman who is passing this fence gets an uncontrollable desire to take off her bra and hangs it on the fence, directly is rewarded with an outrageous sense of freedom!


21 September 2007 Do you remember, four months ago? When we were hit by 1 man, 5 sheep and 1 horse? The damage to our car was valued on $ 2200 dollar. We thought that the culprit should be caught by the police, but investigation via our own insurance was progressed much faster. The address …


Fear and pride

19 July 2007 In the meanwhile, we have been to the marae 6 or 7 times, without me blogging about it every single time. When a new lesson in marae protocol was announced, Gina phoned us to ask whether we want to participate again. We play public. In exchange for food. After 4 or 5 …



4 June 2007 Six months ago we fed the neighbor’s grey cat and his dog for the first time, because the neighbour went on a business trip. That happened quite regularly since then. The next times we took his dog to the beach or for a little walk around, because we thought the dog would …


Hit and run

27 May 2007 Last night on the road we were cut in by a small truck with five sheep in the back. The truck was also towing a trailer containing a horse. The driver pushed us against the concrete median strip what caused us a punctured tire and we had to stop. It looked like …


Gina explains Maori

23 May 2007 If a Maori looks at you, he primarily sees the representative of a long chain of ancestors who are standing behind you. When Gina said that to me I was thinking of that old school video clip of Michael Jackson, where he is followed by a long snake of figurines of himself. …



16 April 2007 The Hong Kong gallery couple cancelled the meeting after arriving at the New Zealand airport. They could not fit me into their schedule. I assume that when they are back in Hong Kong, they will email me again to inform me about the next steps. Before knowing this I had tried to …



19 March 2007 (New Zealand) Because all the highlights of New Zealand are located far away from each other, every tiny collection of rusty old things or every better designed garden, immediately is touted as THE centerpiece of the day in the info-guides. Sometimes these highlights can be somewhat disappointing for tourists who are used …


Marae part 1

3 March 2007 Two weeks ago Frank’s parents arrived at the airport for their second visit to new Zealand. After they had stayed with us for only 1 day, they had to return to the Netherlands because mum’s brother was suddenly deceased. One week ago we visited a marae. We were the only white people. …


Loose trifles

13 January 2007 After more than a year living in New Zealand, I have written about most of the things that were remarkable to me, comparing to what I was used to in the Netherlands . There are still a lot of loose trifles that I could not squeeze into a story, but I will …



15 December 2006 Our neighbour is out-of-town for a week and he asked us to feed the chickens, the cat and the dog. De dog is allowed to poo in the garden. The garden is already full of chicken droppings, so a bit of dog poo doesn’t make much difference, he said. Poop in the …