Did you know you physically can feel despondency?! Then your neck and arms slowly got filled with heavy lead, your voice gets weak and your eyes are stinging. And suddenly you want to sleep. For a long time. For a few years.

Money in the wrong place

Gradually there is occurring some movement in the case ‘gallery O’. Occasionally they replied a whole sentence (after having sent my questions at least 2 times). The day after tomorrow the 2 boxes finally will be picked up by the courier to get back to New Zealand


Why are these things never handled like adults, such as a normal transaction in ordinary business life? Why are artists treated like whining kids. Or like an annoying mosquito? We are talking about $ 42,000 worth of trade.

Exhibition Perth

Last Sunday, my friend Wilma who lives in Perth, went to ‘Gallery O’ to check if the gallery actually exists. To check if my paintings really were hung. To check if they didn’t hang them upside down. And to check if the bronze sculpture really is shown too.

A classic mistake

14 October 2007 Do you remember I had shipped some artworks to Hong Kong? And that the shipment kindly was paid by the gallery owners; a New Zealand/Hong Kong couple. I had promised them to show up when we were around, so I had to call Chin Chye to announce our arrival. Until now all …


Vanity press

10 May 2007 I missed out the last art contest of this year. More than a week before the closing date I had sent the picture of the ice landscape to Christchurch, but I got it back. With a note attached that my entry had arrived too late (?!) So, a giant crate of 40 …


Hong Kong replied

6 May 2007 It had been six weeks since the Hong Kong people had emailed me for the first time. After their cancellation for a meeting, I didn’t want to show any sign of too much eagerness, so I waited for them to re-contact. This week I received an email back indeed. They asked me …


Hard to get

31 March 2007 The New Zealanders Mark & Chin Chye own a gallery in Hong Kong and via email they let me know they were charmed by my work. As far as possible by the internet, I did a thorough digital ‘investigation’ and there seems to be no hoax-alert. The space looks large and the …



18 February 2007 And than … after the art competitions Wally & Molly I continued to Hammy.Hammy is Hamilton. A nice town in the middle of the North Island, where the ‘Painting and Printmaking Awards’ were be held. A few weeks ago I had sent my painting Polytrichum Antrum to the jury. Not because I …



28 January 2007 From the contest Wally we smoothly move over to Molly. Molly Morphet is an art contest in our own Whakatane and in the local papers I just read that 184 entry forms have been received. Less than Wally, but the prestige and amount of prize money also is smaller. So, today we …



11 December 2006 Yesterday, the transport box I had ordered in Auckland, was delivered to me. I will use it to provide the gallery in Dunedin who had approached me on October 20. Their website shows very attractive art. Three of my paintings will be exhibited. After framing them they looked perfect, though that was …


Stainless steel

20 October 2006 A few days ago I got an email from a gallery owner in Dunedin who was interested in my work. Despite my lesson at Fisher’s gallery I’m incredibly quickly spawn when someone writes nice things about my work, but now I try to stay a little cool, because Dunedin is far away. …


Wally 2

25 September 2006 Two weeks later, on our way to Auckland, I was getting nervous; one moment I was sure I had won, based on a series of pictures that I had found on the internet of other artists who participated in earlier years (and I was not really impressed). The next moment I was …


Wally 1

9 September 2006 Today we went to Auckland and stay there for 1 night. There were still some of my paintings pining away in the broom closet at Fisher’s gallery. Paintings which are urgently needed to ‘go on with their life’. Today’s date was not randomly picked, but part of a larger logistic plan; A …


Squeezed out

22 August 2006 Dear Patricia, I would like to invite you to participate in an exhibition in April next year in Fisher’s gallery. It will be a group exhibition with 2 other artists and will have the theme of surrealism. I think that this will be a very strong exhibition and would be a great …



8 March 2006 Last Saturday my father returned to Whakatane from his private tour through the North & South Island. Dutifully he had written his diary and closely followed the recommendations of the Lonely Planet guide and daily emailed his Dutch girlfriend who’s living in South-Africa. He never had been on holiday for such a …


Swimming with dolphins

15 January 2006 So last week we headed to Auckland and Fisher-wise I was prepared to count on nothing. And that was a good thing … because Fisher’s gallery was closed. Contrary to what was announced on the front door. At this moment I have received an excuse mail from the secretary for that 3rd …


Photographer failure

1 January 2006 Somebody I told about our useless trip to Auckland, wondered if we couldn’t have left the paintings to the neighbour of the gallery? Of course we have walked around looking for something that looked reliable, but Parnell Road exactly looks every shopping street on Sunday afternoon. Deathly quiet with rolled-down shutters and …


Second failure of the gallery owner

28 December 2005 There is reigning absolutely no Christmassy atmosphere over here. They do some feeble attempts with hanging lights strips on the houses and tree-shaped ornaments, but actually it doesn’t work in a hot mid summer. Beside the disturbing aspect of the bright sunlight and images if Santa in a bathing suit, the New-Zealander …


My first earnings

22 December 2005 Just before we left the Netherlands I got an email from Henry Muldrow. Who? Well, that’s someone from the world of the performing arts and poetry. Two art forms existing miles away from me and I have no idea who are the heavyweights over there. Henry was busy creating a poetry collection …