12 February 2009

For my new studio, I was looking for a cheap carpet where I freely could spill on paint. At first I thought about vinyl, but at the local carpet store I saw a leftover of dark laminate. Oooow, beautiful …

Frank always wants to have a look in other shops first, but I wanted nothing else anymore than that half priced laminate. The last remnant, be quick! “Come on, buy NOW!”
That night I couldn’t sleep. Dreaming of the laminate that would bring me to the stars in my career. Via kilometers of laminate I sailed from one metropolis to another. Sitting on the laminate the finest paintings came from my hands and I made the best decisions in my life. Everything was good and I was happy. That night.
On Friday I got nervous. Imagine the offer was over, the new season was coming (whatever ‘flooring seasons’ may be). That day my English exercise was to personally ask how long the offer would last. No, not by phone. I rather walked to town.

An old woman with angry eyebrows -the disillusioned mother of the carpet prince- strode up to me and asked what I was doing in her shop.
Trying to break her reluctantly I said in a conspiratorial tone that I was very interested in that dark laminate, but my husband could not make a decision. In addition, I put my own eyebrows as sad as possible. Her face lit up and she said, “What if we half the halved price again” My face also lit up and I said, “Oooh, but that will be a huge help.” Suddenly light-footed she walked to the desk and whispered to her heir. His face then also lit up and he said: “This offer is until Monday, but then you have to take the complete stock of that colour!” It sounded like a punishment, but I didn’t care. I said; “Well, I think I’m going to win this fight with my husband tonight.”
“Bye”, I waved elated.
“Bye”, waved mother and son excited.
And so, on my turn I light-footed walked back home. My first and very own haggle! In English!

And because I had to take it all, Frank is now stuck with dark laminate in his office too.